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11:59:52 AM Oct 24th 2014
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Whoever did the description for Narsueto is a genius .
11:52:02 AM Feb 17th 2012
If, as has been speculated, the next Portal Game (if any) revolves around some of the many test subjects found at the end of the Portal 2 co-op, we can safely expect a virtual deluge of these.
03:04:32 PM Oct 18th 2010
The Anime/Manga fandom Bleach actually has a few that fit into this.

The first is the fact that there are LOTS of characters who happen to turn Ichigo's advancement into power, into their own. They follow everything, from being stabbed, to ending up in the pit to turn into a shingami/hollow hybrid, just like Ichigo.

The second is the child genius. Hitsugaya Toshiro entered soul reaper academy at a rather young age, possibly graduating early. Child genius are rare in themselves, yet we see this kid who is the same age or younger then him joining the academy, sometimes even at the same time as him. It is popular to pair this character with him.
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