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05:25:45 AM Jun 11th 2017
Any chance we can change the trope name to "Fighting Over the Hippie?"
08:24:33 AM Jun 11th 2017
No. God no.
10:52:00 AM Sep 18th 2012
The second point states that this is not an example. If it's wrong, fix it, don't natter about it.

  • In Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, you must fight each one of your potential party members before they can join your party, mostly just because fighting is what the game is all about. This leads to some rather odd, out of character moments from each one before they join you. Roberto, for instance, acts like a complete jerk ass when you first meet for no particular reason, despite being a perfectly nice guy afterwards.
    • Actually, these are all justified. Jubei heard that Soki was called a demon and she hunts demons, plus he had a power she never really saw before. Tenkai AKA Samanosuke was only testing the Oni warriors. Ohatsu was forced to work for the villains due to the genma insects in her and Roberto was understandably not in a trusting mood what with his siblings being slaughtered by his adopted father.
02:47:35 PM Jul 9th 2012
edited by pittsburghmuggle
Now since this trope involves contrivance, this is not technically possible in real life.

Well, it can be used as a manipulative tactic. Be nice to someone (nice ball) and then pull out conflict when you need it to take advantage of a person wanting to return to "nice".
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