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11:19:15 PM Jun 11th 2014
I have a hypothesis: Confirmation Bias is actually a defense mechanism against "Proof by Assertion". Essentially, a lie repeated often enough is eventually believed. Nazi Propagandists like Goebbels often used Proof by Assertion as part of their brainwashing mechanisms. As such, if my hypothesis is correct, humans evolved Confirmation Bias in order to block out information that contradicted what they already believed. Without confirmation bias, one could easily determine another's political views by playing MSNBC. A republican without confirmation bias wouldn't agree with the news channel's opinions, but they wouldn't feel compelled to change the channel, either. Eventually, their political views would change. Confirmation Bias would cause that person to change the channel back to Fox News, which would then reaffirm their beliefs, allowing them to be protected by their own echo box.
08:16:08 PM Jan 11th 2012
11:35:42 PM May 23rd 2011
edited by Les
This definition seems to say.. "Preaching to the Choir: Any work that is rejected or applauded based on how it's message aligns with the viewer's opinions rather than the work's own merit."

I'd always assumed it was, "Preaching to the Choir: Any work attempting to convey a message which, intentionally or unintentionally, succeeds only in validating the opinions of those who already agree with it rather than changing the opinions of those who disagree."
07:12:19 PM May 5th 2011
edited by SantosLHalper
A note: Phillip Pullman himself is an agnostic, but the antireligious (or at least anti-religion-when-its-used-to-oppress) themes are still present in His Dark Materials, so I think "secularism" would be better than "atheism" in this context. Changed.
06:42:27 PM Jun 29th 2011
edited by TrevMUN
Pullman hasn't identified himself as an Agnostic either, from what I have seen. There is an article here which says he's explicitly avoiding labeling himself no matter what the label is.

Wikipedia categorizes him as an atheist, though they don't provide any sources for this.
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