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01:07:00 PM Sep 18th 2012
08:25:42 PM Jul 24th 2012
There'll come a day when no trope will have a witty title anymore. I rue that day.

Sorry not to contibute with anything, I'm just saying.
10:56:07 AM Apr 25th 2011
I need to know: there has to be a trope specifically for scenes when a character accidentally has their back end exposed (ie: said character was wearing a jonny and walked out of their hospital room, not realizing it until someone informs them of it. Do we have a trope for that?
03:57:27 PM Aug 10th 2011
edited by GoofyPrintUnderwear
In the 1940 film Pinocchio, Alice pulls down Honest John's pants while he tries to trip Pinocchio with his cane. Alice laughs at this when Honest John was in his heart underwear and walks away happily. The fox accidentally lets Pinocchio go to school and when his sidekick Gideon snatched his pants causing Honest John to fall flat on his face.
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