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10:47:09 AM Mar 17th 2012
edited by captainsandwich
I don't like this name. cold-blooded means the torcherer won't take pleasure in it, which is listed (or at least implied to be) as a possibility. Same with the pic. Its not cold blooded.

cold-blooded: lacking feeling or emotion
05:20:41 PM Mar 18th 2013
edited by SiberianIris
I think it's meant to convey the fact that the torturer has no empathy or compassion for the victim. At least, that's what I got out of it.
06:10:09 PM Jul 17th 2014
The name seems unfitting to me too. After reading the description, it seems like the trope applies to all torture but the name makes it sound like it has to be an evil act. That's actually why I came to the article. I saw it applied to the part from Chronicle where David uses his powers to get revenge on a bully by ripping his teeth out & I thought "What?! That's not coldblooded!" He was an evil bully picking on a kid who has serious problems. The punishment was incredibly mild.
12:28:02 AM Jul 18th 2014
Cold-Blooded Torture is indeed a trope for torture being made with no empathy or compassion with the victim.
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