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08:58:36 AM Feb 18th 2014
Shouldn't this be expanded into one of the daftest tropes of all, touched on by the Bladerunner mention, where an unarmed/outgunned/injured protagonist flees the bad guy/s by going up stairs to the top of a building where there is no possible escape. Usually ends in a scene where, having spent the last fifteen minutes of screen time climbing the stairs of a tower, the hero then runs to the edge and looks down, just in case all those flights of stairs were actually in his mind and he is only ten feet off the ground?
05:14:26 PM May 5th 2011
So, maybe we should call this Climbax?
07:28:37 PM Jan 19th 2011
Hey guys you should add the ending of Saboteur(WW2 game for pc and xbox)
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