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02:30:12 PM Jul 9th 2013
That Predator Thing

  • The same model of gun is also used in Predator, and a similar minigun shows up in Predators.

Alright. The 'chainsaw grip' thing refers to the foregrip specifically, so Old Painless is sort of an aversion of this trope. It should be mentioned though since that prop was the direct predecessor (some sources say it was the same prop, period) of the one used for Terminator 2.

So I'd propose something like this:

  • The minigun from Predator represents the missing link between the actual vehicle-mounted weapon and this trope, having been modified for handheld use (albeit with a M60-style underbarrel grip rather than a chainsaw handle). The film crew's experiences with that prop would eventually lead to the version seen in Terminator 2.

Can you live with that?
06:52:08 AM Jul 10th 2013
Works for me.
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