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01:09:03 AM Jun 2nd 2017
This trope is irritating and its existence encourages people to "take action" against a species that is largely dependent on humans to survive. Mind you, I also love dogs.

Ooooh, but Walt Disney hated them? Let's just remember who good ol' Walt did like.
04:58:50 PM Dec 5th 2015
Some of the examples are very subjective. For example in the part of the Aristocats is mentioned that the gang of ally cats are kind of/sort of mean because they are trying to eat a mouse... well what did you expected? If cats are mean for eating their natural prey then are all non-vegetarian humans mean too?
12:00:36 AM May 20th 2011
Tolkien may (or may not - "The Fat Cat on the Mat" is so conventional that it's hardly proof of anything) have liked cats, but he certainly did not understand them. His notes on Queen Beruthiel and her cats are clear evidence of that.
07:41:12 AM Aug 19th 2010
Can we clear up the Real Life section? It's pretty much devolved into a Cats vs Dogs war.
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