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09:05:07 PM Apr 25th 2010
edited by SuiCaedere
Please, can someone explain the Malvinas soy Argentina arriba! thing. It doesn't make any sense. Maybe is suppose to be "Las Malvinas son Argentinas". And why "arriba" anyway? I suppose to look up for something!?.
11:27:57 PM Apr 25th 2010
edited by Twister
Argentina has a lasting impression that the Islands belong to them. However, we are very much British- and most of us proud to be.

I don't speak Spanish, so I can't tell you what it means exactly, but I took it as a vaguely bad-tasted joke about how, by a few Argentineansí, we are referred to as `Islas Malvinas` and `belong` to them. Or that soon should the Argentineansí rule/arrive in the Islands. However, you ask most any Islander, and that will be seen as poor taste- as even now, Argentina is still arguing that the Islands belong to them.

Apologies for whatever misinterpretation I make of it. I donít speak a word of Spanish.

11:20:43 AM Apr 26th 2010
edited by SuiCaedere
I understand what you say. I can assert you that it wasn't wrote by ANY Argentinian (or spanish-speaking-person in general) 'cause the grammar is just plain wrong. But as an Argentinian myself I felt that the thing was just stupid (an embarrassing) and it should't be in the page. I'm happy you remove it!. Keep the good work!
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