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07:40:08 AM Jan 14th 2013
Um, is there any way we can change the name of this Trope? Bleached Underpants is *very* confusing.
08:07:13 AM Jan 14th 2013
Given that it has 240 wicks and 640 inbounds, the confusion isn't harming it, so a rename is unlikely. Redirects can be set up to help it show in search results if needed.
04:22:02 PM Oct 30th 2012
The trope is when a creator starts out doing erotica, moves into more mainstream work, but reuses the same character designs or whatever, right? And is probably trying to distance themselves from the original material? Because half the entries under western comics just seem to be "This guy used to (or still does) draw porn!" without the repurposed characters element.
07:01:27 PM Dec 3rd 2010
I cut this:
  • Chrysler Corporation LLC, which sold rebadged Mitsubishi vehicles between 1988 and 1995, in the United States, Canada and the Northern Mariana Islands, no less! It wasn't until the introduction of the "cloud cars" (Chrysler Cirrus, Dodge Stratus, Plymouth Breeze) that things got better for them.
because it has nothing to do with this trope.
05:59:32 PM Oct 8th 2010
Bill Willingham's Ironwood is more of an inversion of this trope. David Dragavon and Fantasia Faust both originated in the Elementals comic books.
07:40:10 PM Jun 18th 2010
I removed the Jay Naylor example because it sounds like he's not really trying to distance himself or his current projects from the porn stuff he's done. He might be a better fit for one of the other h-tropes.
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