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02:02:12 PM Oct 15th 2013
When I saw the page image, I actually fangirled! That stuff is awesome!
09:15:39 AM Mar 25th 2011
There may be a problem with this part:
  • Not so much. the LD 50 for skin contact is "SKN-MUS LD 50 > 512 mg.kg⁻¹"— or 512 mg for every 100 grams of mouse gives a good 50% chance of killing it. If humans are equally vulnerable, it'd take about one and a half pounds of the stuff smeared thinly over a good portion of the subject's body. Equally, if ingested, it's take roughly a kilo to kill a 140-pound person who handles it as badly as a rat— and, a significant note, rats can't vomit it back up. Really, it's more likely to make people WISH they were dead.

512 mg.kg⁻¹ is 512 mg for every kilogram, not for every 100 grams.
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