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02:15:59 PM Nov 29th 2012
Yeah, this is a clusterfuck of natter. I'll let someone else figure this out, but for now it doesn't belong on the main page.

  • Reavers, by the end of Serenity, seem to have lost their ability to fight at all, as River alone is able to somehow get two of their weapons, never get shot, never get tranqed, and she kills at least 1 ships worth of them. To be fair, she had been through some tough shit recently, and was acting to save her brother and Kaylee, and last time she was acting to save someone she looked at 3 men, took a gun, turned away, closed her eyes, and shot them all dead in seconds. Still, 3 men with guns isn't the same as a bunch of space zombies, and she only had an axe and a sword (one in each hand). One must still wonder why she didn't do this at the start, as her friends were in danger, and there were less Reavers on the ground.
    • Maybe because at that point she was still in the midst of a several-year long Heroic B.S.O.D. and it took her brother being in danger to knock her out of it?
    • This isn't a real example; this is actually an example of River taking a major level in badass (or revealing what a crouching crazy hidden badass she had always been) once her berzerk button got pushed. The Reavers are nothing less than formidable throughout the entire movie up to that point.
01:02:39 AM Dec 7th 2011
"The second Gamera film Gamera vs. Barugon has noticeably scaled up, well, everything. Bigger sets, better monster suits, better music, better actors, and a more solid over directing style." This trope is about the characters becoming more powerful and fighting more enemies. More enemies cost more, that's the only part of a budget increase that's part of this trope.
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