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12:37:46 AM Sep 21st 2013
This is pretty inaccurate. Gun sounds in hollywood and TV do seem to be 'enhanced', but in real life they are still really damn loud. Much louder than any firecracker. Shooters will not lose hearing from their hobby, because they wear ear protection. They, and everyone else, will be more likely to suffer hearing damage from every-day noise pollution. The ambient sound of the Chicago subway, for example, is well beyond the healthy range for humans.

I can't speak for every gun, but my gun is very noisy when parts move around. Closing the slide often causes me to flinch. Yet I dont flinch when shooting it. Heavy chunks of metal slamming against each other at high velocity do tend to be fairly loud.

Movie theater sound systems may have safeguards in place to prevent dangerous sound levels, but that doesn't really matter in practice. Sound levels in theaters is often beyond the safe range.
07:00:22 PM Jul 13th 2012
FILM: in Snatch (or, sorry, was it Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels ?) - two blank-firing pistols blow-out the windshield of the car they're fired in - deafeningly hilarious ...
12:37:08 AM Sep 21st 2013
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Yes, guns are very loud. Snatch is a wonderful film ;)