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01:54:13 PM Sep 13th 2016
edited by dotheroar
This actually happened to me in real life once. Can I include it on the real life section? On June 25 Mom and Shaan were playing chess and I took Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon (vegan) out and asked “Where is this FROM?” and Mom said “Check.” then I said “What STORE is it from?” then Mom said “Check.” Then I said “It doesn’t SAY what store it’s from.” then Mom said “Check.” then I said “It won’t LET me check!” then I realized she wasn’t listening to me and she was saying “Check” as a part of checkers. It was completely unintentional, she wasn't listening to me at all and was acting like I wasn't there.
02:07:12 PM Sep 13th 2016
edited by Larkmarn
First off, that would actually be Who's on First?. Secondly, we don't allow Troper Tales on pages. But thanks for checking.

... sorry, I couldn't resist.
01:16:17 PM Sep 26th 2014
Aren't the Tangled and Monsters, Inc. examples more of ''Comically Missing the Point" than this?
03:48:55 PM Oct 1st 2013
Was the joke about a grumpy old man talking to two male roommates (under Real Life) originally an actual IRL joke? Because it seems to be describing, almost (if not entirely) word-for-word, a scene in which Red Foreman discovers that his gay neighbors (who he doesn't know are gay) are two men who live together on That '70s Show. I'm wondering if the person who added it just forgot where it had come from and thought it was a joke someone told them.
03:08:36 PM Feb 29th 2012
Key and Peele (Do we have a page for their show?) parodied Iron Chef's zig-zagging Bait And Switch Comment to no end, ending with the contestant in question being murdered by the Head Chef (who then says that said contestant's dish was average).
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