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12:15:41 PM Sep 11th 2014
While Barney Stinson from "How I Met Your Mother" certainly rocks a suit as a matter of course, and would truly love one and all to believe he were badass, I cannot think of a situation in which he displayed any combat skills worth noting, unless master cocksman counts, which, really, it prob'ly oughtn't. Stretching a metaphor til it goes all thin and see through and such.

I would agree he's a modern contender for Trope Codifier of Sharp Dressed Man, mind.
04:35:53 AM Jun 28th 2014
Other example of live action TV Badass In A Nice Suit example: Harvey Specter (Suits)
09:03:12 AM Jan 18th 2012
Does the "conservative" in the trope's definition preclude female characters who wear a female business/formal suit with a Dangerously Short Skirt?
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