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02:41:13 AM Aug 3rd 2013
Is the Real Life entry for the battleships a square peg, round trope? Battleships aren't technically alive, or even pretend-alive the way robots are in fiction.
07:53:02 AM Aug 13th 2010
Removed non-example:

07:23:53 PM Aug 3rd 2010
Modified the Dionysus example; the original troper was conflating two versions of the myth. The mainstream myth includes the Mr. Seahorse bit: Semele (Dionysus's mortal mother) demands that Zeus prove that he's a god, the light of Zeus's divinity destroys Semele, and Zeus sews the fetal Dionysus into his thigh in order to bring him to term. The Cretan myth involves Dionysus coming back from the dead, but not Semele (who was not actually Dionysus's original mother in this version; Persephone was) being destroyed by Zeus's divinity.
09:16:46 AM May 21st 2010
Wouldn't it make more sense for Jesus to be used as the pic for this page? He's a more well known example of someone said to have come back from the dead.