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10:11:17 AM Apr 7th 2015
Does this trope apply if the character is actually dead (IE a ghost?)
10:23:15 AM May 20th 2014
Under "Real Life" something that I saw myself; it wasn't someone who attended his own funeral, but was LATE for his own funeral.

In Charlotte, NC the downtown Roman Catholic Church is St. Peter's on South Tryon Street; the downtown Episcopal Church is St. Peter's on NORTH Tryon Street.

One day we had a funeral. Everyone was there except the "guest of honor." Then we got a call from the other St. Peter's. Apparently the funeral director told the hearse driver to go toe St. Peter's Church on Tryon Street, and he had gone to the wrong one.

This story doesn't quite fit here, but I'm not sure where else it would.
10:25:34 AM May 20th 2014
The discussion pages aren't for Troper Tales. They don't go on the wiki anymore.
11:07:25 AM Jan 7th 2014
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  • Doctor Who: The Doctor has done this more than once.

This seems pretty close to being a Zero Content Example. Could somebody add some details of the times the Doctor has done this? (I'd do it myself, but I can't think of any.)
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