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01:47:03 PM Dec 4th 2011
There are instances in which an arm can become a cannon. Since that is not Awesome but Impractical, shouldn't that get it own section.
07:03:59 PM Aug 15th 2010
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I should have made my post as a seperate topic, so here it is. I think that there should a spilt for where a character that has an Arm Cannon holds the arm that it's on with his/her other and before firing the Arm Cannon, please reply and tell me what you think
05:09:35 AM Jun 10th 2010
bah! arm cannons aren't impractical at all. if all your robot is going to do is shoot with at least one of its arms, it makes waaaaaay more sense to integrate the weapon. Think about it- how easy would it be for a human operator to pick up, properly position, and pull the trigger of a rifle the size of a semi trailer using a pair of joysticks? Not to mention that mechanical failure in the index finger would render a robot incapable of using its gun.
06:58:47 PM Aug 15th 2010
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sorry about that
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