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10:27:11 AM Feb 21st 2012
Farscape had a LOT of fun with this trope—

Early on Crichton "oohs and aaahs" at things (like marvelling at being on an alien planet in the pilot).

It then moves on to him asking for explanations while the camera cuts away so HE gets the explanation but WE do not (Throne for a Loss).

Often the action ramps up so much that there's no time to wonder about all of these things (What was Lost)

and then finally he gets to a point of not giving a crap anymore (Coup by Clam)
02:47:57 AM Aug 5th 2010
edited by IleanaDU

This page (Apathy Killed the Cat) is one of at least two pages where the term "lampshaded" is used, but is not marked with a link so the reader can figure out what "lampshaded" means. I assume that it means the use of Lampshade Hanging, but I had to search to find the trope and then read the description to make sure it was what "lampshaded" was referring to. No big whoop, but why not just make it a link and make it easier for the reader.

I ask simply because having found it in a couple of places I wonder if there is some specific reason not to make it a link.

The other pages I ran across were Truffaut Was Right where the word is used twice with no link. In The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything where the trope is mentioned 11 times, but only 3 are lampshaded. I can see where if the word is used multiple times in the same article and the first time it is used it has a link the reader would be likely to assume the term may have been used elsewhere on the page and do a search.
01:57:37 PM Aug 25th 2010
From the Tips Worksheet:

"11 - Did you just catch an error? Be sure to fix it rather than just pointing it out."

Dude, that question sounded like what I just asked a few days ago at the Central Theme discussion page. It's a good thing to have doubts and share them, but really, when it comes to adding links TO OTHER TROPES, you can NEVER fall short of those. If you've ever been to The Other Wiki, they punish articles with little to none of those inner links. They call them "orphaned" articles, and are prone to deletion. Just don't make an All-Blue Entry.
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