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10:59:24 PM Aug 9th 2011
While we're on the subject of Animal Testing, do you think the scientists involved in the 1997 dog abuse scandal of Huntingdon Life Sciences are Complete Monsters?
07:03:51 AM May 10th 2016
Nah,that's not fictional company.Besides,unless you personally know them,you can't call them complete monsters
02:37:55 AM Jun 24th 2010
I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds here, but the page quote didn't seem to support the intent of neutrality in the description, so I removed it. Code is below for posterity:

Ask the experimenters why they experiment on animals, and the answer is: "Because the animals are like us." Ask the experimenters why it is morally okay to experiment on animals, and the answer is: "Because the animals are not like us." Animal experimentation rests on a logical contradiction.
Charles R. Magel
09:36:06 AM May 5th 2010
I just changed one sentence in the opening paragraph from "are better scientific alternatives" to "may be scientific alternatives", to give the article a more neutral slant. Apart from that may I say thank you to who so ever wrote this article, having worked in the drugs testing industry for a few years, as this is one of the best and most fair entries on this topic I have seen.
04:10:46 PM May 7th 2010
I wrote the initial article, but Wiki Magic has been hard at work making it stay neutral, both in the YKTTW stage and after. I'm happy to see that the article seems to keep itself objective - I was worried about the whole subject being Flame Bait :)
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