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12:39:06 AM Nov 29th 2013
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There was a professor I had who has an even more cynical view of the American Dream than was proposed here: She argues that the American Dream is a means of "cultural imperialism." That is, the American Dream is a way of Americanizing other cultures, thus making it easier for American businesses to take hold in foreign countries. The American Dream is part of a propaganda machine fed to people of other countries to show how great it is to live in the United States so that, if they choose to remain in their countries, will at least be more willing for Americanization of their lands.

She doesn't say that the American Dream is impossible, as there are ample cases of it happening, but she says that for an immigrant to do so, they must give up their ties to their homelands and become, well, an American. (Any time an immigrant willingly tries to be more American, she believes it's the aforementioned propaganda machine deceiving them. Needless to say, she values cultural conservation VERY highly, particularly those of third-world countries, and she sees globalization as the greatest threat to their existence.)

She is not the only one I've met who champions this viewpoint, but I've not heard it anywhere outside the San Francisco Bay Area. Is it worth including in this article, or is it so rare and so extremist that it's best left excluded?
11:29:34 PM Sep 26th 2014
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The view's very US-centric. There's nothing unique about wanting a just, equitable, prosperous, and democratic society. Anyone with an ounce of sense wants modernisation of their people and our world.

'Cultural Conservation'... there's nothing noble about preserving things that are bad for a society and its people. You don't see Europeans weeping over their lack of Witch Hunts, Indians mourning their lack of Widow-burnings, or Chinese mourning the dearth of foot-binding that abounds these days. Old Culture can be pretty cool, but only when it's at arm's-lenth. And we should all take pride in the Universal Culture of Modernisation and 'Globalisation' we're building together.

In short, your professor is very USA-centric and soemwhat full of nonsense.
01:51:08 AM Sep 27th 2014
Anyhow, these viewpoints are best left out of the article unless works of fiction use them.
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