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11:30:19 PM Aug 1st 2010
Should the description for the image be potholed with the series names the pictures are from, like You Gotta Have Blue Hair? There'd be enough space for each series to have two words if "it's" was changed to "it is".

Also, what series are they anyway? The only one I personally recognize is MOTHER 3.
01:35:58 AM Aug 2nd 2010
edited by Majutsukai
10:16:25 AM Mar 29th 2011
I recognize one of the pictures from Final Fantasy for sure. But this article seems to be missing quite a bit

Kinda surprised nobody added Dragon Quest Cursed King or whatever. You bloody FIGHT the gigantic Ruins in a Dark Swirling Vortex of Doom while the entire world around you is under attack =/ Not to mention going into an alternate grey universe and the like.
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