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07:28:10 AM May 8th 2011
edited by GamerFromJump
With regard to the proposed calendars for various bodies in the solar system, you'd want some form of conversion software that could do the conversion work for you.

Seems like the best way would be an atomic clock that reports it's "tick count" to the timekeeper unit in local computers. The computer has firmware that can calculate the date, based on how many ticks are in a day, sol, circad, or whatever it is where you are. It then adds the value D to the local epoch to give you the current date.

Safe to assume that, as described in Honor Harrington, all computers will have built-in apps that show all relevant times.

The question is, what time system would be used in spaceships, lacking any sort of referents as they do? The regular 24/7/365 calendar, or some sort of "public time"? Plus, they would probably sync up to match a port of call upon approach.

You probably would want this "Universal Century" (for lack of a better term), so that no one would have to keep track of more than two calendars at a time, their own and UC. Coordinating things via UC would keep it simple.
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