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10:22:37 AM Jun 4th 2012
We technically have the same show twice - both the American and British versions of The Million Pound Drop/The Million Dollar Money Drop, are listed but both entries are quite detailed so moving one to a sub-bullet for the other would look odd as is.

Would reducing the detail of the American version, just pointing out that due to the difficulty of the show, the American version only lasted half a season, and filing it under the British example entry be an appropriate way of dealing with this duplication? If either are left intact, it should be the British version because it a) came first and b) is a success for it's channel while the US version flopped?
04:32:51 AM Mar 28th 2011
Given that there are some real life examples where contestants steak their money or possessions in the examples list, should we edit the part of the description reading: "A comedic fictional take on the idea might result in a contestant actually owing money to the packager, network or syndicator. Or worse..."?
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