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03:51:18 PM Sep 15th 2015
I'd like to propose a few suggestion to keep this page going while still keeping it relevant.

There are two things I've noticed about the examples on this page: one, it's less public medium ignorance and more the perception of creators and executives. I've rarely seen anyone dismiss a good adult animated show on the assumption that it was just another "Family Guy" without them being right, so it's more Follow The Leader crossed with Animation Age Ghetto. These types of cartoons also seem to be part f a dying trend, with shows like Rick and Morty and Bojack Horseman decidedly going against the mindset of cartoons for adults being needlessly vulgar and mean.

I can't say exactly HOW to change this trope to fit this, but I think it should be rewritten with this in mind. Maybe it can be absorbed into the animation age ghetto, but only if that changes to "animation is either meandering kiddie fare or vulgar, mean-spirited adult fare. There is no in-between."
02:52:27 AM Apr 27th 2014
Re cut: See thread
09:58:52 AM Oct 16th 2013
It seems we've got an Edit War on our hands. Shows like SpongeBob SquarePants and Adventure Time have not and never have been aimed at an adult audience (not to mention the original demographic is clear just by watching them - kids enjoy gross-out humor too). Yet seemingly whenever anyone removes them, CartoonFreak zooms in to put them back.

I'm not normally the kind to advocate the locking of pages, but...
10:18:45 AM Oct 16th 2013
Seems the easier thing to do is just get Cartoon Freak suspended on Ask The Tropers.
08:28:05 PM Sep 23rd 2013
The description sounds like it's about the attitude that all adult animation is like South Park, and identifies this as a bad thing, but then it's just a list of adult cartoons with raunchy or violent humor (And That's Terrible).

Just because people like to make that type of animation doesn't mean they're copying South Park or perpetuating the rumor.
11:11:47 AM Sep 15th 2012
edited by Koveras
It surprises me that a page this old is without a type.
08:03:44 AM Apr 10th 2010
So shouldn't this page list some counter-examples? I'm struggling to think of a successful Western animated series for adults that doesn't fit this perception.
12:57:48 AM May 15th 2010
Counteer-examples... counter examples... counter-examples...

(The following is entirely debateable)

  • Well, The Simpsons bridges the gap between Adult and Children;'s cartoons, you might even call it a gateway cartoon to Family Guy and South Park.

  • Some adults like King of the Hill

  • Definitely not Beavis and Butt-head but maybe Dariah

  • Tim Burton animated movies?

  • Robert Zemeckas animated movies (varies ALLOT, which is odd because he's only done 3 so far)

  • Don Bluth!

  • Final Fantasy the Movie
05:06:13 AM Jun 4th 2010
edited by SomeSortOfTroper
This page shouldn't list counterexamples. It's not a page about a trope. It's about a page about a viewpoint that you can relate to Animation Age Ghetto. If you loko at Animation Age Ghetto, the examples aren't lists of "Well, I like this, I am mature so this is a mature cartoon", they are examples of reactions and treatments of animations (scheduling mistakes, cancellings, mismarketing etc.) that suffer from the Animation Age Ghetto viewpoint. This isn't about the actual works. The examples are therefore not actual works.

Now without example of this attitude interjecting upon works, we just have a statement with no back-up and I'm wondering if maybe some people aren't just being snotty about sorts of humour?
10:09:49 AM Jun 4th 2010
edited by FlyingV
I'm not sure I've ever come across this attitude. As popular as South Park is it's much less well known than Fox animated sitcoms. Good ratings for cable are terrible ratings for network. I know a lot of people associate animation with being only comedy, but not necessarily vulgar, because in western animation it practically is only comedy.

edit: Obviously, just because I haven't run into it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
03:42:18 PM Jun 4th 2010
I'll refer you to the forum discussion

I guess we're looking at an essay that doesn't look at things the right way, has no backup proof and is misplaced on this wiki.
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