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01:18:29 PM Jan 12th 2012
This article has been cutlisted, with the reason given as "Oops, that was meant. It's basically only complaining about him".

I agree that the comments on the page has grown increasingly acerbic and should probably be toned down a bit, but Ohlmark's translation of Lo TR was a landmark that prompted J. R. R. Tolkien to take action against bad translations in the future, AND a very important matter in itself for the Swedish Tolkien fandom.

I submit that the article's content has historical interest. It is also an interesting extended example of Blind Idiot Translation.
04:31:43 AM Dec 17th 2011
Dutch translation: the one I have read was absolutely brilliant, in tone and detail, as well as prize-winning. This cannot possibly refer to the translation that Tolkien was dissatisfied with; have there been two or more translations?