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06:41:28 PM Sep 29th 2017
Should that Naruto image even be used? I remember that was part of a weekend long marathon of the first 100 episodes called "the Naruto Hundo".
07:54:59 PM Nov 13th 2017
edited by spike12
I agree. Needs to be replaced with the CN schedule from the final week of December 2017.
07:43:14 AM Dec 22nd 2016
Where does Hulu fall under? Because somewhere between 7 and 9 times out of 10, the show they shill the most is Grey's Anatomy, which isn't even that good. I also wish they'd give anime in general more attention.
04:38:17 PM Mar 23rd 2014
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Oh yeah, I didn't read too many issues of Viz's English version of Shonen Jump, but weren't they always hyping up Naruto (at least so far as their "new" series go; Yu-gi-oh! and DBZ already had a prior following in the west)? It seems to me that, even before the whole 4kids fiasco with the anime essentially destroyed its television presence, One Piece was always playing second fiddle to Naruto in the States, despite clearly being the bigger of the two series in Japan and possibly the rest of the world.
09:47:49 PM Mar 19th 2014
"There is also the fact that Final Fantasy I and II are the most simple games of the saga. They include little to no plot (which means there is no translation), few enemies (for a final fantasy game), few classes (6 in FF Inote , none in FFII) and the game mechanics in general are simple. The fact that they have so many ports is most likely due to how cheap making said port actually is. More complex games (except for FFIV/FFVII) hardly ever see the light, most likely since they are not as easy to make as FFI/FFII but not as popular as FFIV/FFVII. This would explain why FFIII is the game with less ports in all the saga."

Actually, Final Fantasy III WAS being ported to the WonderSwan Color along with the previous two. Unfortunately, its remake was canned when support for the WonderSwan started to die out. The WonderSwan games were later ported to the PS 1, but unfortunately, III was left out again, likely because the PS 1 was dieing out too. Although a screenshot does exist, it's doubtful they got very far in completing the WonderSwan remake, and it may have been scrapped completely, which could also explain why they couldn't ship the project over to the Game Boy Advanced either. It wasn't until a few years later that III finally saw a re-release (and subsequently, a western localization), that being its complete 3D overhaul for the DS (which they likely did because 2D sprite-based RP Gs weren't standard for the system). Considering it was also a Famicom game, I really don't think it's a matter of being difficult to port, rather it's just always been subjected to very unfortunate cases of bad timing, with it always trailing behind the first two, something which ultimately left it without a single upgraded 2D remake. Aside from remaking it from scratch, its only options have always been the 8-bit original (8-bit games being something Square-Enix has seemingly relegated purely to Virtual Console releases) or a more complex and difficult-to-port 3D remake.

This assumption on what games Squenix favors also leaves out the massive popularity of Final Fantasy VI, which is comparable to IV in terms of popularity, if not more-so. However, I think the reason it doesn't have as many ports and remakes as IV comes down to much the same reasons as why III was constantly screwed over. IV got a 3D update on the DS, and I recall it being announced that V and VI would get similar treatment down the line, but something apparently happened that they stopped after the IV remake. Likewise, since SNES games were graphically comparable to WonderSwan games, IV could get a quick port done unlike III, but V and VI also missed out before the WS died out (they were fortunate enough to get a GBA port, though). More than anything, I think it's just a matter of I, II, and IV being the first in line of their respective console generations as opposed to any degree of popularity (hell, II is actually quite hated amongst several fans for its unusual, experimental mechanics, and Squenix probably figured that the only way it'll sell is if it's bundled with I in more easy-to-do ports).
08:49:55 PM Oct 23rd 2013
After reading the trope description and then the many examples, it seems that a good majority of the examples are just newly syndicated shows being aired in a "typical" way for a year or so before the next syndicated show gets the same treatment.

As I understood from the description of the trope, it is specifically a show that gets undeserving attention from the network. Syndicated shows that air 2 or 3 times a day is, and has been a common practice (at least in America) for as long as I can remember watching TV (20+ years)

Just wondering if maybe there needs to be a clean up and/or possibly a re-definition of the trope?
07:27:21 AM Nov 27th 2011
edited by Plastiware
Is there an equivalent trope for specific episodes that are Adored by the Network? I swear, back in the day, whenever SpongeBob would come on, it would always be the episode Bubblestand.
12:38:01 PM Dec 31st 2011
No, I don't think so. Try Lost and Found.
08:12:28 PM Dec 27th 2010
edited by WaxingName
Would Final Fantasy VII fit here as a Video Game example? Out of all Final Fantasy games, it clearly gets the most spotlight out of every title in the series, and it has loads of spinoffs. And it is unarguably the most popular and best selling Final Fantasy, so it can't got on The Wesley page.
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