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11:06:39 AM May 6th 2013
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Witch Hunter Robin is listed in the description but... does it fit? She hunts witches. Witch is the indirect object there, not really an adjective. It fits the... spirit of the trope, I suppose, but seems like a bad idea for a semi-example to be in the description.

... it's also relatively obscure. Just an odd choice for me.
06:06:44 PM Jul 1st 2011
I'm not quite sure about the usage of this phrase.

"Since the naming pattern doesn't fit into the standard structure of the English language, it can take newcomers some time getting used to."

In many cases, these titles work perfectly fine in the English language and conform to grammar rules. It's usually the lack of punctuation (commas,colons, etc) or a "The" at the beginning that throws people off. In fact, some flow naturally in English due to being grammatically proper epithets.
12:55:02 PM Sep 22nd 2011
Yes, a lot of the entries are simply unidiomatic - they're grammatically correct, but don't fit the usual flow("like you it when asked questions like this?", for example, would normally get a "do" shoved in there that does absolutely nothing).
05:36:25 PM Dec 29th 2011
I think a more appropriate title would be "Adverb Adjective Noun". Oh, and I don't think that this should be in This Trope Name References Itself.
06:53:11 PM Aug 12th 2016
Wow this is old. Maybe "Adverb Adjective Article Appellation"? Alliteration!

Seriously, though. This title seems like it be about characters with nicknames like Large Marge or Medium Dave.
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