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11:15:05 PM Jan 26th 2012
I cut quite a few "people throwing/flinging things/people" as that didn't seem to fit the trope. There are also some borderline examples with the zerg in starcaft—do spikes shooting from a zerg's back or acid globules spit from the mouth count? Discuss.
11:13:32 PM Jan 26th 2012
This example didn't make a whole lot of sense. Can we clarify it?
  • David Drake's Crisis of Empire series, outlined by him and then each book written by a different author, called them repulsors. Adele Mundy favors an "electromotive" gun firing projectiles the size of a pin's head. My that universe's standards, it's a small, concealed weapon. Larger weapons fire osmium.
09:39:20 AM Dec 24th 2011
edited by Icarael
Cut this, as it was cut from the Persona 3 page as well:

  • Persona 3 features Evokers (guns but not really) that are loaded with Nyx's feathers and fire psychological trauma. The idea is to shoot yourself in the head with them and summon your Persona. Takeba Yukari has trouble pulling the trigger in the opening scene, and Iori Junpei comments that it's a little weird. Everyone else seems to be just fine with the idea.

If it is canon that the Evokers are loaded with Nyx's feathers, please tell me and I'll put this back on the page. Also, please tell me where exactly it was in the game that was said. If it's All In The Manual, tell me too.

I just want to set things straight, is all. (And I don't know about it, so that's why I'm asking for someone who knows more than I do).