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03:06:34 PM Sep 26th 2011
edited by darkclaw
Okay, so the index has the following tropes which I disagree with:

- The Fighting Narcissist - Handsome Devil - Even the Guys Want Him

All three of the above tropes could be related to pretty boys but aren't necessarily only about them. The Fighting Narcissist isn't always a pretty boy (look at the picture on the trope page for The Fighting Narcissist for example, how many pretty boys have muscles like that?). The Handsome Devil could just as easily be a hunk or otherwise appear different than a pretty boy. Also Even the Guys Want Him could be related to pretty boys, but it isn't always...look at Big Boss as an example.

Also, "good looking" is subjective. Saying that people think pretty boys are wimps because they are "good looking" assumes people are only into feminine looking men or women. Additionally, not all people think that pretty boy = wimp.
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