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08:42:38 PM May 29th 2017
The three pages have become a mishmash. The first has "Put tropes that apply to the series as a whole in The Kingkiller Chronicle" but no effort has been made to enforce this. Literature/The Wise Man's Fear has no such warning, and The Kingkiller Chronicle doesn't have the inverse warning; in any event trope examples applying to only one book should be being moved - actively moved - off of this page to those books, and vice versa vice versa.
03:07:10 AM Feb 4th 2013
In my opinion, the Adem culture is not a patriarchy flip. It might be a matriarchy, but since there is no hint that men are discriminated against at all (there seems to be no profession that is not open to men), it's more of an "matriarchy is better for everyone" culture than a patriarchy flip. We haven't met any male martial arts teacher, but it is obviously not illegal for men to teach, if they ask permission first.
09:56:12 AM Nov 11th 2012
edited by 1774689
Names: Kvothe, Denna, Carter, Wilem, etc. Would Aerith and Bob apply to these books? There are some quite normal names, but also very weird ones. What is your verdict? As I reread part of the first book, the divede seems to be mostly class-related: Farmers and the like have names more in the range of Bob, but upper-class figures and supernatural creatures are clearly in the Aerith range, as well as characters important to the plot.
10:30:35 PM Oct 7th 2012
Does anyone think we should combine the seperate book pages into one trilogy page? It's a bit clunky to have multiple pages, particularly since there's quite a bit of overlap, and the Funny/Tearjerker/etc examples for the individual books are not very big and mostly copied word-for-word on the main trilogy's Funny/Tearjerker/etc pages anyway. As far as character count, they usually want pages split when it reaches around 400,000 characters, since the system breaks at 500,000, whereas the trilogy page and two individual book pages all combined total about 70,000.

Anyone else agree with combining?
10:56:43 AM Oct 8th 2012
I do.
12:53:31 PM Mar 20th 2013
These should not have been combined, and definitely not in such a sloppy way. The pages aren't just kept split for size reasons, but for spoiler and plot reasons as well. The standard is to have them split, and if you decide to keep them together you need to have more than two votes.

08:46:22 PM May 29th 2017
I believe they should stay separated but as I just (sorry... should have checked) commented below - if the consensus continues 4 years later to keep them separated, they should _stay_ separated, and administrative (and other volunteer/user) activity should keep them separated, with active consistent movement of trope examples that muddle things OFF wrong pages (if it refers only to book 1 or book 2, and you notice this, remove it from the group page and cutpaste it (or sim) to the page for book 1 or book 2, per "Put tropes that apply to the series as a whole in The Kingkiller Chronicle" and the implied opposite for this page etc.) ...
11:09:01 PM Aug 13th 2012
"As above, so below."

This used to be a very common belief, try googling "Hermeticism." While it's possible this is indeed a shout out, I find it more likely that it is merely the author being intelligent and doing research. Think of it as the equivalent of saying "There are dragons in this story, it is a shout out to Aso Ia F!" or "There are elves in this story, it is clearly a shout out to Lord of the Rings!"

Has the author ever said that this particular saying in the book was a shout out? If not, I vote that it be removed.
02:47:45 PM Aug 14th 2012
Yeah, this doesn't sound like a direct shout out. It's pretty common for people to get Shout Out happy on this site. I've removed it.
12:59:52 AM Mar 12th 2012
Is there a trope for the fact that the book plainly states that Kvothe is narrating word for word what you are reading and he only takes about 12 hours to say it, but the audio book is over 24 hours long? I was thinking Travels At The Speed of Plot, but that seems to be more for movement and arriving on time. "The Wise Man's Fear" is even worse for this in that the audio book is over 42 hours long.
08:49:52 AM Mar 25th 2011
edited by ohthehumidity
A) We could use this entry to describe tropes of the setting and the seperate book entries to describe those pertaining to the story. It's clean if we manage to keep things seperate. Seems more methodical.

B) We could merge both book entries into this one. Merging is fun and it might safe work in the long run.

C) We could delete this entry. We all knew from the beginning this was a bad idea.

D) We could ignore the discussion page. There's never anything worthwhile on there anyway. Let everyone do as they like. It's what tvtropes is about.

E) all of the above

F) none of the above
03:57:51 PM Jun 3rd 2011
This page should be the main page for all books in this series. That's what we're doing with other fantasy series, like A Song of Ice and Fire, Wheel of Time, Dragaera and others. It doesn't make much sense to split the series into its individual books, since so many tropes apply to all books. It's also messy to try splitting tropes into universal and book-specific. It's easier and cleaner to have everything here.
10:44:56 PM Jun 26th 2011
Yeah, that's about the intention with which the page was created. The above is mainly just snark about how nobody cares (or reads these pages) and how I'm too lazy to do the merging and splitting for it myself.
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