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06:58:43 PM Sep 12th 2017
Since it is locked I can not add tropes to this page on my own. But I think The Mentor should be added to the trope list, both to include Roark's Science and Math teachers in college (they fought hard against his expulsion and saw his talents) and to include Henry Cameron.
03:52:27 AM Sep 13th 2017
You should ask for it to be added here
08:30:24 PM Nov 19th 2012
So why is this locked? too much Flame Bait?
03:04:09 AM Nov 20th 2012
No idea; it wasn't for ages, and the history of the old page doesn't show any recent wars or bad edits. Neither Objectivism nor Ayn Rand are locked. You can ask for an unlock here.
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