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01:23:50 PM Aug 23rd 2014
RE: Grey Star appearing in The New Order books: I don't think that's true. In The Pirates of Shadaki. you see his statue, and it is mentioned he's been missing for three months. He doesn't show up later in the book. And I don't recall him showing up in any later books either.
04:34:10 PM Aug 23rd 2014
I wasn't sure about it, haven't read the new series. I sure knew he was mentioned, I assumed he at least encountered the protagonist. I'll remove the mention, then.
05:32:33 AM May 9th 2010
This might be a bit of Fridge Brilliance. When Gary Chalk draws people, especially when they're looking straight at the "camera", it looks like they're rolling their eyes up into their heads. When I was a child, it made them all look a bit creepy. But when I was rereading the books recently, it hit me: is it just meant to show that Lone Wolf is very tall?