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** In book 2, certain choices can lead to having to face a creature for a door key. You need to kill this creature without taking _any_ damage, or it's instant game over. Somewhat easy to do if you have the Infinity +1 Sword from the previous book, and chosen powers that add to your combat abilities. Almost impossible to do if this is your first book, and your character isn't all that optimized for combat.

St Fan: First, it's Book 3, not 2. Second, this isn't an example of unwinnable since finding the key earlier (the Triangle of Blue Stone) is pretty easy; there's half a dozen of them scattered in the Caverns of Kalte. Third, those beasties, the Kalkoth, are anyway a rather common encounter in this Book; there's a spot where you can fight three of them in a row. Fourth, venomous enemies are anyway not unknown in the other books; there's a marshviper in Book 1 and a bandit patrol in Book 4 with weapons coated with poison, both with higher Combat Skills than a Kalkoth.

* Almighty Janitor: Lone Wolf, or rather "Silent Wolf", was actually at the bottom of his class in the Kai Monastery. The reason he survived the massacre in the beginning? He was sent out to chop wood as punishment for falling asleep in a lecture, missing out on the Feast of Fehmarn. As a result, he wasn't present when the Darklords' forces launched the surprise attack that killed the rest of the Kai. He did see the swarm of Kraans coming and tried to run back, but knocked himself out on a branch. Of course, he promotes himself over the course of the books — anyone who could have objected is dead after all. (Technically each rank is determined by the number of skills one has mastered, so he isn't awarding himself unjustified'' promotions.)
  • This is all retconned away now. In the new canon continuity Lone Wolf was always pretty good, fought in the attack on the monastery and escaped through a secret passage.''

This does not appear to be an example of the Almighty Janitor. Lone Wolf's power, compared to the other Kai, would have been consistent with his low rank; the higher ranking members would have had more of the abilities than he started with. There is nothing to indicate that he was more competent than his superiors, or that he had trouble progressing in rank despite his competence. (I was unable to find an appropriate trope for this example, so I removed it from the page. I would appreciate if a more experienced troper could either assign it one and move it back or verify that there is not one and remove it from the discussion page.)

Yubi Shines: There's Ho Yay between Wolf and Banedon? Uh... huh? Is this from the novelizations or what?