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11:48:51 AM Dec 17th 2016
According to the Dune wiki, the Harkonnens are probably of Finnish origin, not Russian:

"The Harkonnen name was believed to originate in what was northern Europe on ancient Earth, and the region of Earth called Suomi, also Finland. It has been suggested that the Harkonnen name comes from Sweden as a derivation of Hakkon - but it is likely that it is indeed from Finland, as Härkönen is a 20th-century Finnish name. Moreover, the family name Härkönen is derived from the Finnish word härkä which means ox — the icon of Harkonnen."

It does not seem to matter much, as this is not really mentioned in the books (as far as I remember), but I felt it worth mentioning.
11:13:52 AM Jul 27th 2014
Why does the film namespace redirect here? Isn't the point of namespaces to separate different works with the same name?
11:17:26 AM Jul 27th 2014
Because nobody has written a page for the films yet, so Film/ was redirected here instead.
02:05:01 PM Aug 17th 2013
Should Dune be considered a franchise?
01:31:25 PM Apr 5th 2015
It seems so, so now there are several nearly identical pages.
01:36:43 PM Apr 5th 2015
Yeah, it's a franchise, but whether it qualifies for the namespace Franchise/ I dunno.
07:51:24 PM Apr 10th 2013
edited by
"* Deleted Scene: Several scenes were cut from the theatrical release of the 1984 film and later restored to the extended versions, which is part of why they're so much longer. Of these, one of the most significant is the death of Thufir Hawat, a powerful scene in which Paul separates Thufir from the captured Harkonnen and offers him his life, only for Thufir to commit suicide rather than kill Paul. This omission creates something of a What Happened to the Mouse? moment in the original cut, as Thufir—one of the film's more important characters—can clearly be seen standing among the prisoners (between the Emperor and Gaius Mohiam) in one shot, and simply vanishes in the next; his disappearance is never explained."

Hmm. Strange. I clearly remember that scene (unlike much of the rest of the movie, which I tried to repress after reading the novel - which I bought at a drug store across from the theatre as I left the movie) from its theatrical release in 1984. Perhaps there were regional variations? Different cuts for different markets are not unheard of, after all.

EDIT: Oh, and thanks to the article, I've started reading the novel again - the exact same copy I bought upon leaving the movie back in '84, actually. 29 years isn't bad for a paperback that's been read every year or so. :)
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