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05:14:57 PM Jun 18th 2013
Film page is up at Cloud Atlas! Please, folks who have seen both fix anything that needs to be tinkered with - having not read the book I did my best.
06:24:57 PM Jun 18th 2013
Thanks for that, but you probably should've deleted film-exclusive/book-exclusive tropes/examples from the opposite page.
08:02:09 PM Jun 18th 2013
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I had other stuff to do in Real Life - but I wanted to at least get the ball rolling. You Could Always Edit It Yourself, too.
11:41:54 PM Oct 31st 2012
Can we get a separate page for the book and the Film of the Book? They're just different enough that they should have different pages.
02:31:08 AM Nov 18th 2012
I think so too. I think for someone who's only read the book OR seen the film, not both, the article is kinda confusing.
12:10:06 PM Apr 17th 2013
I third the motion.
05:04:47 PM Jun 18th 2013
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It's a wiki, folks. Any of you could have popped in and done it during the months between October and June. :) I just finally saw Cloud Atlas for the first time yesterday and it took me all of 45 minutes to get the film page set up.

Just so you know - if the "film" page redirects to "Literature" then put in the link to the film page like this in your browser: (Don't press enter yet!!)

And then put ?action=edit on the very end like so:

Press enter and it will take you to the editable film page. Make the page and take out the redirect link, too.
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