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09:32:12 AM Feb 1st 2014
Berserker, the rogue possibly self replicating AI, has occurred frequently enough to deserve its own trope page, instead of a simple literature reference to Saberhagen's original work. It's not limited to AI either, though that is the most common type of Berserker; The trope applies to any large group at war with any other life form for any reason. As an offhand list of items to put on the list, we have the original Beserkers, The Replicators (first version) from SG 1, the Borg, The Tet (Oblivion), The Necromongers (Riddick), the Icaran devices (Babylon 5), the Questioner Probe (Babylon 5), The Reapers (Mass Effect), The Killers (Anvil of the Stars), The Drones (SG Universe), The Dark Heart Drones (JLU), The Nihilists (Marvel), The Annihilation Wave (Marvel), etc. There are more than enough examples to warrant a full trope page.
06:45:19 PM Feb 3rd 2014
There's nothing stopping you proposing such a trope page on the YKTTW forum — though you'll have to come up with a new name for it, because there's already a trope called The Berserker (relating to the human warrior type that Saberhagen named his killer robots after). And even if there weren't, I'd recommend you try to come up with a more descriptive trope name, because "Berserker" doesn't really say "swarm of killer robots" to anyone not familiar with Saberhagen's series.
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