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09:38:51 AM Feb 24th 2014
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Tatsu has privated older videos that he was unhappy with quality-wise with a note that he may unprivate them later if fans politely want it. However if they are gone for good, we may need to reboot Tatsu's main article and all of the subpages.

Tatsu's Tumblr with why he has privated stuff from his YouTube Channel: http://mpstatsu.tumblr.com/post/77606939521/why-some-videos-are-privated

EDIT - All private videos are unprivated now: https://twitter.com/MPSTatsu/status/439413719546597376
06:27:06 PM Feb 12th 2014
Regarding Corn, he has opted out of joining Tatsu for Multipurpose Spam in Texas, but it's unknown if Corn is gone for good, so we shouldn't purge Corn from Tatsu's main article and the subpages yet until more info becomes available.
09:42:29 AM Feb 24th 2014
Corn isn't gone for good, but he's just tending to real life for now. Tatsu has mentioned whenever Corn visits briefly or if Corn decides later to rejoin Tatsu for good, they'll do more stuff in the future.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82fDwrleITs