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03:00:26 AM Jun 18th 2014
Repair, Don't Respond. This example had Example Indentation all over the place sparkled with corrections and additions. I don't watch the show so I don't know how it should be fixed.

  • Everyone on NCIS calls Gibbs by his last name.
    • Although his boss does occasionally call him Jethro.
    • As does Ducky.
    • Jethro is actually his middle name. His first is Leroy.
      • Actually, the only people who have called him by his actual first name have been, to date: his father, Shannon (his first late wife), and people in his hometown.
    • Timothy McGee is universally referred to as "McGee" by everyone.
      • Except that sometimes Abby calls him Timmy.
      • And Gibbs has referred to both DiNozzo and McGee by their respective first names, usually after particularly traumatic events.
    —To wit: "He called me Tim." -McGee
    • Averted for Director Jenny Shepherd, who goes by "Director Shepherd."
    • Gibbs frequently calls Tony by his last name, DiNozzo.
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