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04:53:51 PM Mar 23rd 2016
Bleach example. Can this be written? It seems like it's complaining about scenes fans dislike than the actual Idiot Ball trope. The example indentation needs to be cleaned up as well.

  • Heck, Ichigo challenging Ulquiorra to a second fight at all. The guy almost killed you in less than a minute without even trying, your best attack did almost nothing to him, it's only been two hours since your last fight, you have done zero training since then, his inferiors kicked your ass, and you not only charge in for a rematch, you actually expect to win? Wanting to rescue Orihime is one thing, but that's not trying to rescue her, that's tantamount Suicide By Espada; rescuing her would involve grabbing her and getting the hell out of Dodge, not trying to fight the guy guarding her.
    • That entire fight was made of stupid. Besides the above examples, Ichigo telling her not to "interfere" again, Orihime crying over Ichigo's dead body instead of trying to help Uryu, Ulquiorra not grabbing Orihime and flying away when the fight turned sour...seriously, the only one not holding an Idiot Ball was Uryu.
  • And back to Ichigo one more time as after he finds that his Super-Powered Evil Side has shredded it's way through Ulquiorra he begins freaking out about not wanting the fight to go that way. So on the face of it we get to see him placing honor in front of the whole rescue mission they're risking their lives to do but even if you accept that what's NOT acceptable is Ichigo's immediate demand that Ulquiorra start chopping off some of his limbs so the fight can be fair again. The final nail in how ridiculous that is is that Ulquiorra went to great lengths to explain that he has regeneration powers and can explicitly restore lost limbs, if Ichigo really wanted to make things fair again all he would have to do is stop and let Ulquiorra naturally heal.
    • The most egregious example of idiot ballage is perhaps when they break into the enemy headquarters full off some of the most powerful enemies they've had to that point and decide to split up. Apparently only because of a few individuals' sense of pride — it's kind of sad when Ichigo the resident reckless hero, is actually the voice of reason that gets summarily ignored.
01:21:55 PM Oct 14th 2016
edited by NNinja
As far as my understanding of the trope goes this is when character acts stupider than he should for the sake of the plot. Whcih means both Ichigo moments are 100% disqualified since Berry's Honor Before Reason attitude is well-established character trait.

As for the split-up as far as i remember it was Ishida who suggested keeping team intact, not Berry. Again, Honor Before Reason, already established in everyone who opposed Ishida.
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