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04:38:11 PM Mar 9th 2011
It seems to me that a number of the things in the "song" category don't fit due to being text rather than subtext. In other words, as far as I know it's only Ho Yay as long as it's open for interpretation. So something like MIKA's "Billy Brown", which cannot possibly be about anything other than a bisexual man, wouldn't count by my understanding.

I know, it's a wiki so I could just edit out those examples, but I didn't want to do any drastic cutting without discussing it first. It's also possible that I'm misinterpreting what counts as Ho Yay.
07:01:07 AM May 26th 2010
From the Gackt lines: Gackt seems to have a particular thing about molesting guitarists, to the point where he's had most, if not all, of the ones he's worked with. I don't think the writer meant it that way, but I'm gonna leave it up for a while- it's possible I've entirely missed the memo on Gackt's guitarist-shagging habits. *grin*