Headscratchers Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Discussion

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02:53:05 PM Oct 8th 2012
edited by PrincessEllabur
Why are people every now and then in the headstratchers calling the Triwizard CUP, the GOBLET? The two aren't the same thing. The Goblet is what we see early on in the Great Hall the one where people put their NAMES in. The CUP is seen in the maze at the end of the trizwizard torument
10:59:06 AM Feb 6th 2015
Because it's a natural mistake?
07:40:46 PM Feb 7th 2015
They are two completely different objects! The GOBLET was tampered with to let Harry participate. The CUP was actually a portkey to the graveyard in Little Hangleton. I don't see how they could be confused with each other.
05:53:10 PM Feb 8th 2015
Strictly speaking, a Goblet and a Cup are similar objects, both generally used for drinking from. So confusion is somewhat understandable. Within those who have read the books, it's a little...less so given the entirely different roles. but still.
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