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08:02:40 PM Mar 15th 2015
For a new image, how about a still from Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher" video, maybe with a caption saying, "Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad, I'm hot...for...Oooh...
09:24:59 AM Oct 27th 2013
What's up with this entry?

Except for the bit about Cheryl Cole's divorce, all the items are ludicrously vague.
08:12:57 AM Sep 21st 2011
I'm wondering if we couldn't throw some of Nine Inch Nail's Year Zero album on here. Or maybe the related ARG on the 'other' page. (I mean, they're as bad as each other for hitting way too close to home, but the songs hit much too close - especially God Given and Survivalism.)
11:15:38 PM May 28th 2011
Every time the subject of a school shooting comes up within the subject of funny aneurysm moment, whoever is writing uses some variant on in the wake of Columbine. The Columbine incident was not the first school shooting. It is simply the one that got enough media coverage to penetrate the nation's conscience.
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