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12:33:47 PM Mar 7th 2013
12:38:35 PM Mar 7th 2013
So, in Turnabout Serenade, this exchange happens between Apollo and Ema when you examine the vending machine:

Apollo: Come to think of it, I am a little thirsty. Ema: I'll have some tea. Apollo: ..... I think I'll get a water. Ema: I'll have tea! Apollo: If you want tea so bad, buy it yourself!

12:39:59 PM Mar 7th 2013
  • ka-tonk*
Apollo: (She Snackoo'd me.) Ema: I'll take a tea.

That being said, there is an old zen koan that goes like this:
12:44:33 PM Mar 7th 2013
The master and the assistant were greeting the monks coming into the temple. The master says to the first monk, "Welcome. Have you been here before?" The first monk says, "No, it's my first time." The master says, "Have a cup of tea." The second monk arrives and the master says, "Welcome. Have you been here before?" The second monk responds, "Yes, many times before." The master replies, "Have a cup of tea." The assistant watches the monk enter and then asks the master, "Master, why did you tell them both the same thing?"

The master says, "Assistant!" "Yes sir?" "Have a cup of tea."
12:45:17 PM Mar 7th 2013
I couldn't help but think that these two are related. I have no idea how to get ahold of any of the localization team, though. Can anyone verify this? Tell me your thoughts.
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