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02:45:11 PM Oct 20th 2014
Why is Bob Balaban's religion discussed?

Bob Balaban, the actor who plays Dr. Chandra in the movie, is Jewish. Why is it required to make special mention of this when the religion of no other actor or crew member is discussed?
03:21:06 PM Oct 20th 2014
Where is it being discussed? I can't find it.
08:37:07 PM Oct 20th 2014
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I'm sorry. I snipped both references, which was probably jumping the gun. My bad.
01:16:17 PM Oct 24th 2014
Jewish is a nationality as well as a religion. I suspect that's the reason.
04:44:51 PM Oct 24th 2014
Bob Balaban is a Chicago-born citizen of the USA, so his nationality is American.
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