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12:10:17 PM Jul 5th 2012
I just watched all the four movies and the remake... and I just can't help to admit that I actually liked the fourth movie, at least when compared to the others.

Now, I immediately knew that the fourth movie would be panned and despised by most critics and people, even before checking (and after checking I was completely right). It's just that kind of movie. The original trilogy just ended the story, that's it. No need for more. Then there's a fourth made-for-TV movie that clearly is just a rehash of the first movie and made for a quick buck... There's no way it can be any good, and there's no way in hell (pardon my expression) that it could ever get any positive reviews and opinions.

Yet, especially when compared to the other movies, I liked it. I definitely liked it more than the second and third movies, which were too long with too little happening in them. (This kind of slow-paced movie can work sometimes, but it requires very skillful writing, and the 2nd and 3rd movies didn't.)

Sure, the fourth movie has its big problems, and it definitely isn't one of the best movies in existence, but compared to the others... I say it's at least as good as the first one. Of course this is just my opinion.
10:29:49 PM Nov 13th 2012
I tend to think of Delia as a Fille Fatale even though there is nothing in the film to really justify that, she never has Sex or does anything sexual, and certainly doesn't sexually try to seduce anyone. But she has an odd vibe to her, she she definitely unrealistically mature for her age, and sometimes seems to be Evilly flirting with the Camera.

She'll definitely grow up to be The Vamp and I imagine possibly also engaging in some Incest Is Reletive Twincest.
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