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09:57:38 AM Jan 10th 2015
I noticed no one points out the other reason taking the dinosaurs off the island was a bad idea. That if they couldn't keep them contained in a expensive park, how would you do so in a larger then normal zoo? Does anyone know of some good tropes to point this out?
06:15:43 AM Jul 29th 2013
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Two examples on Too Dumb to Live were removed for being complaint-filled. I agree with that assessment, so I tried to rewrite it (specifically removing all the complaining and Bold Inflation) to be as objective as possible, as these characters do show behavior that puts themselves at risk of death. How does it look?

  • Too Dumb to Live:
    • Sarah Harding, unlike her book incarnation. She is supposed to be a wildlife expert, yet she repeatedly shows mistakes an amateur would make. Or perhaps a simple case of fatigue-induced idiocy, take your pick. It could be explained by the fact that her character was merged with that of Richard Levine from the book, who exhibits Too Dumb to Live behavior at times.
    1. She approaches a baby Stegosaurus, causing a stampede. You do not do this to any wild animal's baby, especially if it's a social animal that spends a lot of time in a herd and raising its young. They call them Mama Bear and Papa Wolf for a reason.
    2. She allows Nick to bring the injured T. rex baby back to their camp while knowing that the parents will be looking for it, resulting in the total loss of their fortified, radio-equipped campsite and the death of Eddie Carr.
    3. She wears the jacket covered in the baby T. rex's blood while crossing the island, which once again brings the T. rexes to the camp, killing multiple people, and chasing the rest into the raptor territory. Doubly weird because she's the one to warn that the T. rexes will be following them and the T. rex's extremely acute sense of smell.
    • Nick Van Owen brings the injured T. rex infant to camp right after freeing all captured dinosaurs on the InGen base, leading directly to the loss of both campsites and the untimely demise of Eddie Carr. He later unloads Roland's shotgun, leading to even more mayhem and carnage when the T. rexes track down their new camp.

Further, I suggest leaving a commented-out note above the examples on this trope to dissuade complaining.
06:40:41 AM Aug 14th 2013
After conferring with the troper who removed the examples, I'm adding it back to the page with his approval and the note.
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