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06:53:20 AM Jun 30th 2012
I'm putting the following example here, since it's half-Natter and needs merging into something coherent, and I haven't watched those movies.
  • No Sympathy: MJ continually drags poor Peter through the mud for missing her play, being too self-absorbed to realize that an impoverished student already has too many balls in the air without also moonlighting as a crimefighter. True, he did promise her that he'd come, but sometimes in life people have no control over whether or not they can keep their promises. Grown-ups get that.
    • Especially since he still presumably had the ticket as proof that he didn't blow her off if he chose to show it to her.
      • Actually, in her defense, her issue was more the fact that Pete was constantly bailing on their plans, and hardly ever saw them anymore, and never gave a decent answer as to why. Also, as far as she's concerned the only thing he has to worry about it school and working for the Bugle.
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