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03:43:21 PM Dec 29th 2013
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"It Works Better with Bullets: David's last hop over the Moral Event Horizon is when he panics and pulls the trigger on Shaun. *Click*. Screw This, I'm Outta Here."

When does this happen? He points the gun at Barbara, there's a Mexican Standoff, he's talked into giving the gun to Shaun, Shaun shoots Barbara and punches David, and that's when he decides to leave.
08:43:59 PM Dec 29th 2013
... did you not watch the movie? he tried to fire the gun but it didn't shoot. plain and simple.
01:51:40 AM Nov 26th 2010
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This doublepost was thumped by the we don't have this for discussion, do we.
01:51:39 AM Nov 26th 2010
Natter from under Heel–Face Door-Slam:

  • Well that's hardly fair is it? He was simply being Genre Savvy, knowing exactly what you need to do when you see your loved ones turning into a zombie. Saved for the window part, he was one of the least stupidest character in the movie. And who can say that you won't be an ass in a zombie apocalypse, giving the stress.
    • He was being logical, but completely insensitive to the whole ordeal.
  • It's perfectly fair. David tried to shoot Shaun. Remember when he points the gun at him and it goes CLICK only because it's empty. This is also pointed out in commentary.
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