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10:08:15 AM Oct 31st 2013
This part is becoming nattery.

  • Artistic License Physics: Mostly overshadowed by the Rule of Cool and the Rule of Funny. Decreasing the amount of empty space between molecules would indeed decrease an object's volume. However, since the amount of actual matter remains, it would do absolutely nothing to the object's mass. Thus, Wayne should not have been able to sweep them up. What you've done is increase the object's density. This greatly decreases the surface area over which their weight, defined in physics as the force generated by the acceleration of gravity acting upon mass, is distributed. This greatly increase the amount of pressure exerted upon the surfaces beneath their feet. Though the floorboards in his lab could probably have held them, once in the backyard, they should have sunk into the soft soil.
    • And, of course, the opposite holds true, meaning that Diane could have picked Adam up in the second movie, whether she was blown up or not. Likewise Adam wouldn't have quite the strength to lift a car.
      • Except picking up a 112-foot toddler would still have been extremely difficult and awkward for a five-foot whatever woman, and she needed to get Adam to hold still long enough for Wayne to shrink them back to normal size.
    • Two take a "ride" on a bee. They are flown all over the yard, which to them is 3 miles long. Despite the fact that in comparison size that bee is traveling at well over two hundred miles per hour, they do a remarkable job of hanging on. After their shrinking escapade think of all the money they'll save by just grabbing onto an airplane rather than having to pay fare to sit inside.
      • The error here actually lies with perceived time. Their smaller brains/bodies should function proportionally faster, so the perceived time longer with the distance. In this sense the bee ride and much of the film are 'accurate' with the exception of this concept.
    • Surface tension

Repair, Don't Respond is in effect, yet this entire thing is discussing the physics with several opinions and voices. I'm wary of cutting most of it, though, since we need what remains to be accurate and fair. Still, we have to cut this. You shouldn't have bullets that elaborate on the one above them as a rule of thumb, and you definitely shouldn't have third-level ones elaborating on elaborations.

I would appreciate help deciding what to do with this section.
01:32:42 PM Feb 7th 2014
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This article and its comments thoroughly summarize most of the issues with the films. (I'm not entirely sure that I buy any of the ideas put forth about sound and hearing, but I'm hardly a qualified professional.) It doesn't mention anything about slowed time perception as a result of shrinking, but this video neatly summarizes a recently published study that confirms this (the study is linked in the video description).

Perhaps it may suffice to simply link to these sources?
01:19:52 PM Mar 19th 2012

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